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Célik Beauty wants to give great people great products. We want you to look and feel your best – and be eco-friendly while you do it.

At Célik Beauty we take pride in our products and take care of our membership community by providing an optimal selection of top-quality products at a 60% savings on all purchases.


With a Célik Beauty membership, you get access to the purchasing power of our membership collective and the opportunity to buy our carefully-crafted, high-end beauty products at wholesale prices.

Once the compliments about your hair start coming in, you won’t be able to keep yourself from telling everyone you know about what we do!


One of the most accomplished professional hairstylists around, Cédric F. Celik  has worked in the world’s most exclusive salons, including Frederic Fekkai in Beverly Hills and New York, Jacques Dessange Paris, and his own salon AKA Cédric in Manhattan.

As a professional hairstylist, he has worked with many high-profile clients; for every carefully coiffed client that sits in Cédric’s chair, his ultimate goal is to help them look and feel their best.  But through his work, he realized the high-end products he depended on only came at equally high-end prices–and were not as available to those outside of his clientele.

He then set out to create products using proven ingredients and offer his clients a unique concept that is revolutionizing the industry: take away all the gimmicks, outrageous markups and expensive marketing campaigns in order to provide great products at prices usually only reserved for beauty professionals.  With this, Célik Beauty was born.


1.  To search the world for the finest ingredients and formulas that work and get the job done while creating packaging that’s environmentally sustainable.

2. To help people by giving them access to the best products on the market so they can look and feel their best–at a great price through our membership program.

3. To spread the word to friends and friends-of-friends that living well and looking great isn’t for a select few. And, by getting more people involved in our membership community, Célik Beauty can reach more people who are looking to look great at a great price.